Just like all other car developing companies, ZAP is a well known electric vehicle company that designs, products and markets vehicles depending motorcycles, automobiles, scooters, bikes, personal watercraft, ATVs, area electric vehicles, hovercraft and commercial vehicles. ZAP means Zero Air Pollution and the corporation headquarters is found in California. see this

The company has a distinctive line of electric cars to its credit and some of them are ZAPVAN Shuttle and ZAPTRUCK XL which are the two vehicles of slow acceleration for fleet market, but the Sedan and MOVE Xebra Truck are electric power motor system for bicycles, ATV and electric scooters. 

ZAP Xebra

This really is a full-electric car with three wheels for the location and has a capacity of 40mph and needs a 128 volt channel.
The car comes in sedan and also as a pick up model truck variants
That has fantastic safety devices, and does not have a regenerative braking.
The pickup version has a dump bed with flip-style sides and a tail gate which allows you easy access to the electric batteries, motor, controller and the charger. This model was eliminated in 2009.
The sedan version carries four people.
The explained shipment weight for the pick up and the sedan is 1000lb.
An optional roof-top solar power has recently been offered for trickle photo voltaic charging, which makes the batteries more durable.
Provides an all steel body sedan
ZAP Girl

This kind of is a four rim all-terrain motor vehicle suitable for maintenance and patrol functions which is able to go to 25mph
It runs up to 25 kilometers with a DC electric motor of 48 volt electric power permanent-magnet rush
Excellent regular lead acid battery of 65 amp hour AGM
It charges in 5 – 6 hours with 4KW continuous electric power
Li battery advanced technology
This kind of car is the least expensive of vehicles from the company
ZAP Pickup truck XL

This is an automobile with Zero Emission in addition to a load capacity of one particular, 901 lb
Has a changeable cargo area
The UPS device delivery services have made it a vehicle for needs of parcel fast
The vehicle has been incorporated in the US Military logistic services

This is the electric SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV)
Their potential performance is 644 bhp from its 4 in-wheel power motors
Operates 350 miles on a single impose
Its top speed is 155mph and powers from 0-60 mls in 5 just a few seconds
This kind of needs only a 10 to 15 minute charge time
MOVE Alias

This is a 3-wheel superior powered expensive car
It has a power performance of lithium battery pack
Have a shell composite resin structure
85mph speed with a capacity of further than 100 miles on a single charge.