In the event that you where told that a highly advanced medical information system using the very latest in technology is currently available that would considerably change your life–reducing both disease levels and cost of medical care by over 40% what would you think? Your first thought would likely be one of extreme uncertainty. What possible underlying most basic could such a system be based on? Furthermore, if such a system were in fact possible we might likely learn of it through the current medical establishment. Elysium Health

Presently there would, of course, be many elements involved, but before we have engaged in the other aspects of such a system let’s first just focus on the underlying key that such a system would be based on to see if in fact it would have merit in its own right. 
This really is obviously a key aspect in the development of a powerful system.

That core of this system is the comprehensive use of clinical laboratory technology

So what is medical laboratory science (CLS) and why would it be so great? Most of us are not familiar with CLS because the only exposure we need to it is through our general practitioner. Whenever we have a questionable health problem our doctor will often run some lab tests–usually bloodstream, urine, or tissue testing. The doctor orders the tests and also will get all the comes from the laboratories. For that reason the population has very limited exposure to the industry and therefore in short supply knowledge of the industry.

CLS is an independent branch of the latest medical system, highly computerized and a very rapidly progressing science. It now has a huge selection of critical high quality tests available.

Why is CLS so effective what is it based on? It really is based generally on the biochemical cosmetic of our body and has proven itself to be very effective over time within the current medical system as a reliable science. It offers an possibility to look straight into the human body for secrets unavailable by any other means.

For immediate information on the romantic relationship of CLS and biochemical cosmetic of the man body please click on the link at the end of this article marked (page18). This hyperlink includes statements and viewpoints by the pros in the clinical science profession. The professionals referenced are from text books positioned in the University of Michigan’s Medical Library.

To go one step further in order to see some of the actual advances made in CLS, click on the link at the end of the article proclaimed (pages43-47). It is clear by the dates engaged in these references that even these developments would be outdated by now considering CLS’s rapid growth.

So the question is, is this a good solid basis on which to develop a powerful medical information system for disease prevention and progress health and fitness?

Personally, I decided it was. I believe it is extremely valuable and would form a nearly incredible basis for a health care system beyond our wildest dreams. However, such a system would need to be a highly superior national electronic digesting system, legislated into presence and handled by people through a commission to be fully effective. The system would act as a superior information system as an addition to the existing health care system.

Above a 100 million people in the us are suffering with chronic disease–that is more than one from every three of us. Furthermore, several of these diseases are of a serious nature, including the major terminal and crippling diseases that individuals are all too familiar with and too often an observe to within our own family, circle of friends and neighbors.

Millions are truly suffering–and with many of these diseases, to often really.

And, it doesn’t end there, even those of us that are thankfully enough to avoid the diseases have to live with the continual menace, along with the extremely high expense of health care that such high levels of disease creates– creating an enormous amount of stress throughout the complete country.