Through the years, many new website design trends had set travel: invariably, while some went under, some have taken off very successfully. Which website design trends were more than just fads? cheap website design singapore

We will state the obvious: toned design is the website design trend of the moment! Flat design is everywhere! Thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS7, flat design will still be a very influential trend in website design. 

The other big trend is responsive design. Responsive design means that the layout of a site is going to be tweaked in response to the elements including the width of the unit that an invitee is serves to gain access to the website. The operation of the website itself now is determined by the situation that the site is used.

Rather of building separate mobile versions of your websites, a more integrated way is preferred. Some website designers are even building for mobile first, with desktop and laptop variations now being treated as secondary. It is high time to rethink the user experience on smaller screens!

Since it gets rid of the advantages of having multiple subdomains and copy content, an added benefit for embracing responsive design might be in supplying the websites a lift in the search engine results pages. The “mobile first” approach to web site design may be to blame for fashionable of by using a great deal of parallax scrolling, side to side scrolling, column-based scrolling and, to a chagrin of some designers, infinite rolling.

Another website design tendency that might be influenced by mobile is the frequency of minimalistic navigation. In an effort to reduce the amount of clicks needed to navigate around a website, designers are applying lightboxes, overlays, expanding and repositioned tiles, in order to launch as much content as possible without actually loading a new webpage. Fixed navigation and content are commonplace among renovated websites. Dynamic skills, whether it is video or moving backgrounds, are also very trendy right now!

HTML5 is opening new possibilities in website design. It really is participating in nice with CSS3 and jQuery. You can use CSS to replace images, which is yet another website design trend that may stick around for the number of years. It would be a shame, though, for HTML5 use becoming a new Flash.

Visual storytelling is a huge trend! Alternatively than telling your brand story using blocks of text, “say it” using photographs, icons, infographics and other means of visible expression. Combine your content and visuals in a mix that is impressive to web surfers these days who are moving into an ever more visual world and have little patience for your long paragraphs. The web is becoming less text-heavy, and it is a trend that is likely to continue later on, so keep your text content clear and concise!

Will that mean that the SEO copywriting is useless? Certainly not, it is merely that primary is removed from keyword-centric copy, at least at the moment, because of numerous Google updates targeting what the search engine recognizes as “keyword stuffing” and other kinds of spam. You certainly can’t go incorrect with writing with your audience in mind: what you need is to emotionally hook up with your prospects, rather than try to feed an more and more fickle beast that Yahoo has turned into.

Typography can be an factor of design! Website designers are experimenting with a more creative use of typography: using any old typeface won’t go more – try to provide some personality in your font choices. Don’t excess, just try to step far from overly simple and overused typefaces. Fonts de jour are bigger, and the use of web fonts is increasing. Anticipate to see more receptive typography as well.

Think about the use of colors in web design? Monochromatic design appears to be a trend. Yet so is hypercolor – a multicolored approach seems to go well with the latest flat design craze!