The ongoing future of financial advice (FOFA) is proposed regulatory framework. It can be being brought in to increase the quality of financial advice and consumer results because of this of the outages of financial businesses in the late 2000s. This permits easier provision of simple advice that can be expected to make financial advice more affordable as well as increase public gain access to and usability. Boatman Financial

FOFA will see the removal of the accountant’s exemption. At present accountants have the ability to provide advice on SMSFs under the exemption provided by legislation 7. 1 ) 29A of the Corporations Restrictions 2001. Through this FOFA, the accountants holds an Australian Financial Services Certificate (AFSL) in their own right or being an authorised representative of a licensee. 

Many in the financial industry will need to restructure their management systems in order to conform to the requirements and will incur transition costs as a result. Nevertheless nevertheless the FOFA reforms will also create new opportunities. This will likely advantage consumer in enjoying results of the reforms which bring confidence in the marketplace, in turn, contributing to an increased with regard to advice.

The benefits associated with FOFA are given below:

– Superannuation products and investments.
– Easy managed investment schemes as defined in the Corporations Regulations 2001,
– General and life insurance
– Basic put in or banking products.
– Life risk insurance products.
– A benefit for a genuine education and training purpose that is relevant to the accessibility of financial product advice to retail clients.
– Information technology support or software that relates to the provision of financial product advice.
– Economical adviser’s interests will become aligned with client pursuits, leading to more client-focused advice and greater agent engagement with clients.
– In this process product advice will not be influenced by commissions given to advisers by product issuers.
– Here clients will be less likely to suffer detriment therefore of excessive cost agreements or sub-optimal investment strategies.
– A more competitive advice market and higher availability of advice.
– The financial planners will be discouraged from advocating imprudent investment strategies.
– In FOFA, a cut down in product fees which will cause significant cost savings for consumers and reduces the rogue advisers in the industry.

Consumers are the principal focus of FOFA and the federal government believes that consumers will greatly advantage from structural difference in the financial industry in a manner that will offset the implementation costs to industry. These all the quality of financial advice will improve, leaving consumers better equip to make decisions about their funds.