Synopsis of The Dukan Diet plan – Is it for you?

Slightly over 15 years ago, nutritionist Doctor. Pierre Dukan released his diet plan in his home French market. The Dukan Diet Plan became a sensation with hundreds of thousands of French people gaining from a sensible and effective diet system which is absolutely quite unique. Right now The Dukan Diet plan is available in British and it is experiencing the same level of success around the world. Diet Meal Package

But how exactly does The Dukan Diet work? What makes it different? Most importantly, is The Dukan Diet plan best for your family?

In the face of it, The Dukan Diet offers what could be the dieters’ ultimate dream. Attain your ideal weight and stay there permanently while eating as much as you like. Not just that, you will eat good, real, healthy food you will not go hungry, count up calories or get bored stiff because of restrictions. This kind of plan gets inside the psychology of the obese person and is sympathetic for their desires and needs. Being authored by a Frenchman, the diet also acknowledges the pleasures of eating and enjoying good food. This could easily be described as the slimmer’s ultimate goal.

Therefore, how does The Dukan Diet Plan work?

More than years specialising in nourishment and weight management, Caillou Dukan realised that to get to a great weight, the body needs to be re-trained. This are not able to be achieved by a brief, fad diet. This requires a permanent strategy which not only gives immediate results (important so people are encouraged and stay motivated) but also ensures that weight loss is long lasting and stable.

The Dukan Diet is actually composed of four distinct eating plans. These plans follow on naturally from the other person and progressively introducing different foods until, eventually, you are basically eating whatever you like without the limitations whatsoever and you will sustain your ideal weight. The linchpin of these ideas is the periods, or days, which is put in eating only protein foods. Do not jump to the conclusion that this is merely a re-hash of the Atkins diet, however. The Dukan Diet plan is different and much more health orientated.

The first stage is called the Attack Stage. This kind of is created to surprise the body and make a speedy weight loss more than a 5 – 10 day period. During this kick-start period, you eat nothing but protein foods. Foods with as near pure necessary protein content as it can be… fish, certain meats, poultry, eggs and non-fat milk products. During this phase a person can be ready to see some quick weight loss. As much as 3-4 kilos (7 or 8 pounds) can be lost throughout less than a week.