To commence with things specific, fighter radars are not only what the key people think they are really. Supposedly, simply a way to find foe aircraft. That isn’t a bad understanding, but it requires to be complemented stating if you find an enemy aircraft with your fighter radar, the adversary aircraft will automatically find you.

A fighter adnger zone is merely some waves published the air. This ocean get reflected on an object just like a plane, and come back to your plane where they are detected by sensors and analyzed to determine position, speed, direction of trip, and even kind of aircraft located. As an aircraft should have sensors to discover its reflected surf, it will also find any ways that are sent to it. This kind of is the reason why when sending waves to discover an aircraft will automatically reveal our position.  

It has even another problem. A fighter palpeur has a certain range of detection. This can be the distance in which the ocean can travel in one way, get reflected, and come back with the strength enough as to offer a signal in the pilot’s screen. In this way, we know that the aircraft that the palpeur can effectively discover can be put up to 100 miles, setting an example. But the condition is that every other aircraft put between 100 miles and two hundred miles will be notified of our presence, but we will never know about their presence.

Every this reasoning brings to a conclusion. There is a need to take good thing about this situation, and this is how an energetic and passive fighter détecteur were created. An energetic mma fighter radar is the the one that actively sends waves in order to discover whatever located within its effective range. A passive martial artist radar is a hearing one. It simply is waiting to obtain waves from all the airplanes around that are employing their active détecteur. This combined with a strong stealth condition can guide an aircraft to his enemy without being detected.

Unfortunately, not in all combat situation this is a possibility. Normally the strategy involves to use the passive palpeur to approach targets, but when it is time to engage and open fire, the active fighter adnger zone sometimes must be changed on in order allowing the missile to find the information and follow it. Some missiles need the guidance of the airplane’s radar until they hit the target, which compromises heavily the aircraft’s position. Recently, many missiles have been developed when you simply can flame and forget. Switch for a few seconds to active radar, pass the information to the razzo, fire and switch off the active radar.

Incorporating this methodology with a change of direction, velocity and altitude just after the launch of the missile gives always the less compromise to the position of the aircraft. In fact, compromising the position of the airplane for a few seconds is always necessary when firing, as it involves an extreme heat that infrared sensors can locate, and with stealth fighters like the F22 Stealth Fighter, it involves the opening of doors that find the Radar Cross Section extremely enlarged.