Stairlifts are a great option when someone has a mobility issue from a health condition, injury, impairment or age. Anyone that is not able to move freely downstairs and one upstairs and downstairs could have more freedom by using a stairlift. montascale prezzi

A stairlift is an electrical frame that is located along a stairwell. This track is where a stairlift is fastened that moves up and down the steps. Individuals selling stairlifts install these so that it is easy for the particular owner to have their needed stairlifts. A stairlift is designed to fit all stairwells even the ones that are spiral or curved. Stairlifts can even be custom made to ensure a secure fit. 

The user sits down in the stairlift couch. They could sit down directly on the stairlift chair or transfer from a wheelchair. Some stairlifts are equipped with an area to set the wheelchair for the ride allowing the user to have wheelchair again at the top or bottom of the stairs wherever they are going. The stairlift chair is designed to be comfortable and safe. The controls are simple to operate with a joystick or some control.

Another feature used is a ft . rest which is not only for comfort, but for safety. These keep the feet in a safe position. There is an as well as that also helps keep the person firmly in the stairlift couch. It also is battery-powered as a backup in the event that the electricity goes away anyone won’t be caught up in the chair. That they will still be able to move upstairs and downstairs.

Additionally, there are outdoor stairlift options. External stairs could be needed as well. It is designed the same as an in house stairlift to make sure to be safe for outdoor use. It is another way to provide independence for the consumer with mobility issues.