Asian kitchenware people are smart and hard working. They learn English in school but almost all of them still can not speak English well. What is the situation? how to speak english in daily life

Speaking fluent English requires more than just reading and writing. Unfortunately, most educational institutions give attention to reading and writing rather than on speaking and listening. Now a great deal of schools understand this problem so they work with many foreign English instructors. In all honesty, almost all of these teachers are not certified teachers and are just native speakers. A large number of of these foreign instructors do not know how to teach well. While a result many students get frustrated by making very slow progress. 

Viewing English movies are very difficult without subtitles in fact it is hard to make a real western friend unless you are moving into an English language speaking country. Just what exactly is the answer?

Technology! Now could be 2010. You can listen to English learning MP3 lessons on your Ipod or computer made by native English loudspeakers. There are many different lessons to choose from. Many are better than others and normally the one you choose should be ideal for you specific level. You want the lessons to be challenging but not too difficult. When you can understand the topic and about 70% of what is being said, you probably picked a good level for yourself to get started on from. Listening to real voiced English dialog while reading the transcript is the best method I use at any time seen for most effective results. I have tried this method with many English language learners and almost all of them really enjoy it and improve quickly. A number of students still prefer reading, but in my experience, college or university students find that hearing is more linked with speaking. You do not need to pay a lot of money and waste your time in school to speak progressive English. Listening to one 15 minute lesson every day is you need. After a few weeks of accomplishing that, you will be able to understand American movies and TV SET with no subtitles. Following reaching this basic level of English, you could start speaking naturally with native audio system and learn more Uk without the use of a dictionary. You will also have no problem understanding popular TV programs like Prison Break, Shed, and Friends.