For anyone who is in mobile auto describing business then you probably are thinking about the way to get more sales as well as how to do sales in the parking lots with people walking up to your vehicle while you are working away at another car. auto detailing chula vista

One thing you should do when you see someone approaching your work vehicle is to inquire them about four car links away; Am blocking you would like me to move; if you are then you can move and they will remember that you respected their time. If there is a saying no Now i’m considering your services. In that case you have the required time to look the person as well as pull away a business card or flier to give to them as they deal with. 

Consider that great customer service since you are also once again showing them that you respect their time. After all as a mobile auto detailer you are in fact conserving them time from having to wash and details their car themselves.

Once scheduling an auto detail appointment you should question them; “What time is good for you? ” You might also show them your appointment book and suggest a couple of times.

Be sure to answer all their questions and even offer to look at their car if they have a question about their particular part on the color or a scratch symbol or something that is bothering them. Parking great deal sales while on the job are the most effective way to grow your business. I hope you will consider all this in 2006.