HORSEPOWER, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh and Photocopied manufacture the best 11×17 laser printers. When buying a functional 11X17 laser computer printer, the following models should be considered: HP Laserjet 5200, Konica- Minolta PagePro 9100, Ricoh AP 610 and Xerox Phaser 5550. best wireless printers 2017

For efficient and cost effective home and office printing photos, 11X17 laser models should be opted for. Konica Minolta page pro 9100 can hold up to 2200 sheets of newspaper. This one also helps a variety of paper sizes. While using Konica it is possible to print on ordinary paper along with printing on heavier stock documents, envelops and labels. The HP Laserjet 5200 is also efficient in creating. This model can printing a monthly volume of up to 10000 webpages. The Laserjet 5200 can print on recycled newspaper, rough paper as well as on pre smacked paper. The print features of the Ricoh AP 610 and Xerox phaser 5550 models are just as efficient as those on Laserjet and Konica offerings.

To get superb image quality levels, the 11×17 laser offering should be chosen. Ricoh AP 610 N and Phaser 5550 have dpi quality of 1200 x1200. With this resolution, getting high quality images is certain. The Laserjet and Konica will also do a fine job when it comes to printing images.

Another good thing about 11×17 laserlight models is that they may easily be linked to a network. The standard connectivity approach to the Laserjet 5200 is 1 1EEE- 1284 parallel, 1 UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS, 1 EIO, 1 JDI 10/100. The Laserjet also has options for interconnection to a fast Ethernet, connection also to a cordless connection. The Konica Minolta page pro 9100 has an Ethernet interface for network connectivity. Ricoh and Phaser 5550 offerings can be linked to a network.

11×17 laser printers are compatible with most systems. Operating systems supported by the 11×17 laser models include: Mac systems, Cpanel, Microsoft servers 2003 and windows 2000. The latest versions of Microsoft house windows such as XP, Windows vista and windows 7 are also correctly maintained these machines. They also support other programs, such as True Adobe PostScript 3.

The convenience that comes with models in this class is another reason they are quite popular. Any 11×17 model will easily fit on a desk surface. Also, they are easy to configure plus they almost never troubleshoot if utilized in the proper way.