Deep Sea Fish


Ocean fish is the term directed at fishes that live below the photic area of the ocean. The types of sea seafood are lantern fish, torch fish, cookie cuter shark, bristle mouths, anglerfish and viperfish, hatchet, gulper eel and whale. The decreasing in numbers types of deep sea include blue hyke, annoying eel, spiny tail skate, round nose grenadier and onion-eye grenadier. They are on the verge of extinction due to the shift of commercial the fishing industry from the continental mountains to continental shelves area up to 6000 metres. Another contributing factor is the slow reproduction of these fishes. fishing daytona


The photic zone lies few hundred meters below the water; this region is little explored. This fish are weird and most mysterious species on Globe. Although they have advanced in harsh climate, they don’t survive in research laboratory conditions and so they are still unknown. Much less amount of studies have been done about them as the expenses of equipments for exploring profound sea is high. That they are identified by their scientific names as only scientists know about them. Many species in the deep sea emit signals called luminescent which appeals to other fish.

Apart from these they live under underhand and the weather is very cold here. The water has high quantity of nutrients that are obtained from the gathered wastes sinking form the high level. Oxygen content in this water is high which is approximately 5-6%.

There is very less light reaching this surface of the earth and so the technique of the natural photosynthesis does not take place. They survive on the organic and natural matter that basins on from higher surface. These areas are poor in productivity. So the fishes here have jelly-like flesh and possess a little bone structure.

In order to survive from the predators, they use the technique of Hide in which they blend in the surroundings. Some pets or animals permit the light to pass through them and be transparent. Whereas the fish that are black shaded could easily escape in the darkness. These fish stay in areas where there is no sun light available, so they are not able to rely on the eye for feeding and matching. They may have designed to darkness by large eyes known as bioluminescent or feelers that assist them to locate their partners.

Types of Deep sea fishes:

Lantern fish:
That accounts for 65% of all the sea biomass. Their length varies between 3cm to 35 centimeter and has a routine of photophores all down the body. It swims in a lake to the top to catch the prey. These types of fishes if are helped bring above to the surface they cannot survive and their organs and sight will explode.

Whales: That they dive in deep sea searching for prey.

Viperfish: This is one of the scariest fish found in sea. It has long sharp clear teeth and lightweight can be used to get animals.

Hatchet: It owns light that grabs the attention with their victim.

Gulper eels: There is a huge head and mouth to gulp their prey easily. They have elastic stomachs make them to eat large fish.