Did you know 80% of women who are experiencing menopause experience hot flashes? That is a lot of ladies considering that every single one of us should go through menopause. Provestra promo code

It has recently been declared some women are using anti depressants which their doctors gave the go ahead to allow them to use, to try and relieve hot flashes. 

Some of the drugs actually work such as Cipralex, there is a downside to this however. The reality is that these women are certainly not depressed, they are just getting hot sensations. Taking these drugs that were made for somebody who is having depression symptoms exposes these women to these depressive symptoms, which they themselves are not suffering from.

In addition to that, these women may have trouble lying down, experience dizziness or disengagement symptoms, because that is what occurs people who take these types of drugs.

In the past, hormone treatments were used and primarily it looked like hot flashes would be eradicated with hormone treatments, until it was shown that women who make use of them are subjected to risks like tumor of the breast, strokes and heart attacks and they had to be shut down.

Just when everything seemed bleak and everyone thought that there is no treatment for it, an even better solution was found.

Provestra is the solution that was found to reduce hot flashes, additionally it does not come with insomnia, will not come with increased risk of cancers or any other disease.

It includes only natural materials that are not damaging at all to your body or your health. One of the substances, ginseng is employed to relieve the effects of peri menopause for women, and that is why Provestra is beneficial in reducing hot blinks.

There are even more impressive benefits to using Provestra such as:

– Vaginal dryness is decreased
– Mood swings become less frequent
– Intimate interest is increased
– Sexual joy is increased

If you are struggling with menopause and you think there is absolutely no expect for you at all, there is because many woman who are experiencing menopause have found the benefits in using this product, and has modified their lives for the better.

There are 3 choices that you can make to reduce your hot flashes:

1 ) The doctor can give you an anti depressant, and you will expose you to the area effects that come with those
2. You can opt for hormone treatments and expose yourself to the risks of malignancy of the breast and heart attacks
3. You can try Provestra and start enjoying your life without hot flashes. Not really forgetting to mention the other benefits that it can bring to your sex life.

You do not have to keep being damaged by hot blinks, it is possible to enjoy your daily life, in case you are menopausal.