Advertised by Procter and Chance, Pampers is one of the leading brands in baby care and baby care products. The brand has constantly been a go-to choice for new parents when it was the first in range to obtain developed the principle of easy-to-use disposable pampers. The history of Pampers tells a story of how through the years, Pampers has reinvented itself, catering exclusively to the need of infants and toddlers. Pampers Baby care


Ignited with a brainwave, Victor Generators, a north american substance engineer was the person who came up with the concept of disposable pampers. He was the primary cause for spearheading and revolutionizing baby care in the yesteryears. By early on 1950’s Mills commenced work on the product and tested the product on his grandchildren. Mills differed in his views about the regular cloth diaper which is how the appearance of disposable diapers arrived through. By the sixties and early 70’s, Pampers reinvented itself as the pin was replaced with real tape. This was largely good for new parents as they could regularly take a glance into the diaper to see if it was soiled or not and also prevent any unintentional pokes from the stakes. It was around the same time when Pampers developed new inclusions to 4-seasons catalog that presented Pampers Toddler Size, Extra Absorbent Daytime, Improved Baby, Quilted Pampers and Early Infant Size, catering to different age groups and babies of different sizes.

By 80’s, Pampers acquired taken a giant step in ground breaking diapers by not only introducing value packs with additional pampers, but also came up with thin diapers installed with absorbent gels. The weight of such a diaper was light and it featured a variety of essential attributes such as elastic leg collects for an improved fit, dividers that could be refastened along with the introduction of a softer lining for a rash-free experience for the baby.

Finally with the arrival of the glorious 90’s, Pampers took a turn about by rejecting thinking about heavy diapers and came across the Ultra Dry Thins pampers. These diapers were effective in absorbing moisture and wetness right to the core and were built to absorb more than at any time. The concept of stretching panels was also presented by Pampers as this guaranteed that babies were more at ease and enjoyed better comfort.

Developments in features of pampers

Taking the idea frontward, Pampers has succeeded at comprehending the ultimate needs of babies and moms and has triumphantly merged both the attributes to offer diapers that are comfortable, functional and simple to operate by new parents. The latest in the line of Pampers is pampers with an extra level of breathability along with the inclusion of High quality and Baby-Dry diapers. These kinds of diapers are equipped with a protective layer of baby lotion so that the occurrence of allergy, dryness and itching is significantly reduced by a whole extra notch.

Pampers has involved itself in an immediate marketing program whereby relevant content is mailed to new mums. These mailings include useful stuff such as Pampers samples or Pampers diaper coupons.

Furthermore, P&G has been phenomenal in the efforts to provide pain relief to flood victims through its Pampers brand. The “Spread a Smile” marketing campaign provides health check ups, medicines, and oral rehydration remedy to babies and children moving into the avalanche damaged areas – all this free of cost.

Pampers has categorically divided its age ranges established on Newborns (0-5 months), Baby (6-12 months), young child (13-23 months) and kindergarten (24+ months).

Best offering diapers in Pampers

A few of the best-selling products in Pampers in the recent times is the Active Baby with 5 star skin protection which product offers upto fifty percent of the day of cottony soft dryness built in with an extra dry out layer to prevent a stream of pee coming back in the top. As well as, diaper rash is significantly reduced and there’s less friction. The other latest inclusion into the regarding Pampers is the Working Fit which offers upto half of the day of dryness and is equipped with a 3 way fit for best comfort and no seapage. Plus, they are the softest in the range.