For its bloody past and once being known as “The Murder Capital of the World”, the home of the infamous Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Medicine Cartel, Medellin has never been known as a prime tourist destination. In the past decade, with security increasing and the murder rate actually shedding below many US metropolitan areas, more and more travelers are visiting Medellin.

If it is morbid enthrallment with a city that once had more killings in a single season than many countries got overall, the word is getting out about what a great place Medellin is to visit. medellin

Modern day infrastructure, year round springtime like climate, excellent colleges and universities, upscale department stores and accommodations, great restaurants and very friendly people, conspicuous and everpresent security and a building increase to rival any major city in the world make Medellin Colombia a target for travelers just about everywhere. 

Maybe it includes something to do with the well known nightlife or the quality of lifestyles. Medical Tourism is also becoming very popular. Perhaps it’s the beautiful Medellin girls or maybe the occurrence of many fashion related events and many marriage and dating firms are opening businesses wedding caterers to Western male travelers.

Whatever your reasons for considering Medellin you should add it to your travel plans. Medellin travel is increasing each yr as more and more westerners visit this gemstone of a city. Many stay in the additional area of Poblado in Hotels, Apartments, Hostels or other Medellin accommodations. That they dine in excellent local restaurants, dance and get together at the many pubs and discos, shop in local malls and look for bargains in the small shops in Un Centro.

It doesn’t injure that the South American country is enjoying a holiday boom that brought more than a million site visitors to the country previous year initially in two decades, in line with the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism.

Of all those people approaching to Colombia, at least 3 percent come to get medical treatment. In 2004, 21, 000 people came for surgery and in 2005, about 31, 000. That number carries on to increase yearly as more and more people choose Medellin for health and medical tourism.

When they become acclimated to the Paisa life-style and culture, many return and an ever growing quantity are moving to this fair city to completely experience Medellin life as a local Paisa!