As being a webmaster, you must have been knowledgeable about what the industry calls “shared hosting plan” which is a cheap way to put your website. A hosting provider can offers that service cheap because you only use a tiny amount of the memory space of a server which is shared among many other users.Domain Hosting Bangladesh

Unfortunately many of them only allow you to host one domain under one account. It will not be problems if you don’t have a plan to build several websites. But the tale could be different when you want to do it in the foreseeable future where you will have to open up yet another hosting account whenever you host a new domain name. Imagine how much money you have to pay every month just for paying your hosting service. 

On the other hand, by using a hosting supplier that allows you sponsor all of your websites under one account will save your dollars over a host that insists that you open a fresh accounts for every single site. Doing this you can create several websites to promote different products without having to be upset about any extra fees.

It can be totally up to you what kind of websites you want to build. You are able to build online directories, websites that packed with contents and/or websites that consist of one long sales letter that you can promote with PPC or ezine. Of course you can promote unrelated products using only one website but it would not look professional in the eyes of your site visitors. Retain in mind that a good domain name is usually related to the content of the website.

A lot of multiple domain hosting companies also provide Fantastico. Construction different type of websites such as classified advertisements, online directory or blog can be accomplished very easily applying this feature.

To make it better, you can even register your additional domain names through a cheap registrar such as GoDaddy. After signing up the domain names with the registrar don’t neglect to setup the DNS addresses provided by your host. Then type in the “add-on domain” sub menu in your hosting The control panel and fill in the blanks with the name of your new domains and the subdirectories for them. Do it for each and every of your websites. Wait a few days and nights (usually below 48 hours) before the master list the domain registrar revisions will be shared through the internet and name servers know where to find a new domain.

With multiple domain hosting you can go about setting up up specific email details, subdirectories, databases and FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL accounts for each and every of your domains. In fact there are no real distinctions between by using a multiple site hosting plan and a standard shared hosting plan.

You can find multiple domain name plans starting around $20 a month. Compared with an established shared hosting, the price is very little different and even might be cheaper than the buying price of your current hosting service.

With the many profitable products you can sell online, the move is one you will never feel dissapointed. Finally, it is your own decision whether you are willing to use a multiple domain hosting service and save yourself some hard earned cash. The choice is absolutely yours.