Developing concrete blocks and other concrete products is a great home based business. It can be started part time whilst you work at your job. hollow blocks

You can start with very little investment and grow the business till it becomes an entire time very profitable business. When you start away as a cement wedge manufacturer you will focus on making standard hindrances as used for building block walls or a block concrete foundation for a building. 

As you get further into the concrete products business you will expand into making a number of different types of concrete wedge products. Concrete bricks of standard brick size are quite traditionally used and can be easily made. A great many other types of concrete products are in regular strong demand.

Decorative cinder obstructions of various styles are in strong demand for building block concrete surfaces and dividers. Place be made with various designs incorporated into the style of the block. That they can even be made in colors by adding coloring to the concrete mix.

Concrete floor patio slabs are always a strong seller. They will are being used not simply for patios but for pathways and driveways also.

You can wholesale your concrete pads and other products to building supply stores or retail them directly to the consumer. You sell in quantity to the commercial outlets at, of course, a discount from the retail price. You sell directly to the consumer in smaller sums at full retail price. Either way you is going to do very well with your low expenses.

Homes and commercial buildings with prevent concrete foundations are incredibly common and this is an excellent market for your concrete stone blocks. This is a great alternative to poured solid foundations and is quite popular.

A concrete block out machine is your very best advantage for volume production which keeps labor costs down. This permits you to quote the best cement block prices.

You can buy a cement stop making machine from a number of manufacturers. They may be quite expensive but will pay for themselves with increased production. Most of them will turn away about 100 concrete hindrances per hour.

Another way to go is to build your own machine which will save you a lot of money. An excellent machine can be made from auto parts and sheet metal with a few odds and ends. This machine will produce 100 cement obstructions per hour and is just as good as the commercial machines. This won’t cost you an arm and a calf either so it will pay off in a short time.

Since demand for your products grows you will find it necessary eventually to have a bigger space in order to allow for the drying racks for large numbers of hindrances. At this point your business might be a full time enterprise and will offer you with rich rewards.