Tips on how to stop biting nails…. almost a quarter of individuals would want to know the secret!

If you cannot stop biting on nails which is has become a compulsive habit you can be suffering with sore, break up, bleeding skin around the nails, infections and even dental problems such as Gingival Injury. Moreover, the psychological affects… embarrassment about the state of your chewed up stubs, being concerned what impression it may give to other folks… and I guess you are very keen to for a solution to help you kick this dreadful habit. 

Nail biting (or Chronic Onychophagia as it known in the medical field) is a very common habit affecting thirty percent of children, 45% of teenagers and 20% of adults worldwide. While some individuals grow out of the habit, there are many people who are excited to quit the behavior but they have so far failed in their attempts and have given up hope of ever before having healthy nails.

Right here are 3 here are some tips to assure stop biting nails.

1 ) Take a photography of your nails

This will be your ‘BEFORE’ picture! Keep it up on the wall or anywhere you will observe it regularly, so as to compare how far you are progressing as your toenails learn to grow… looking backside at that first photography will keep you determined.

Then put a second document up next to it (or keep a note book by your side) and write down whenever you feel like biting on nails… note down how you were feeling and what you were doing at the time… so that you can commence to see if there is also a pattern emerging. If perhaps you bite your fingernails due to boredom you may want to find something to distract yourself with this makes use of your hands… doodling or drawing, cooking, jewellery- making or playing sport. Suspect of something that you would enjoy doing that would keep your hands busy… perhaps take up a new hobby.

2. Commence showing your nails some love!

This might audio crazy of course, if your nails are divided, bruised, chewed up slip… you may think “what is the purpose? ” Although start taking proper treatment of them now and the greater respect you show your nails, the less you will certainly feel like biting on them. First clean your nails, scrub them with a nail brush. After that when they are clean, massage in hand cream. It doesn’t need to be the expensive stuff. Cheape products is fine and put plenty on! Make it a HABIT that anytime you wash your hands you rub cream in afterward.

This will make your hands and epidermis around nails softer and your nail area less sore – which will make you are feeling not only physically better, but also psychologically better, boosting your self-esteem as you’ll be taking care of yourself a lttle bit more. You may also find that if you are taking care of your nails you will feel less inclined to nibble at them, because you have begun to show them some love and respect… rather than punishing them!

As your nails learn to grow ensure you regularly record those to keep the corners smooth so there is less temptation to chew at any rough ends. File them so that they are eventually all the same length which can make them look tidy and well groomed. Paint a bit clear varnish on them (or baby oil if you are a big, burly guy! ) Really amazing what effect this will have on thus, making them look clean and polished – even if they are still just brief and stubby at this point.

3. Make sure your diet includes enough calcium and magnesium (mg)

If you are lacking in calcium supplements and magnesium, you might be biting your fingernails or toenails because your body is planning to take that materials last to the system! Calcium and magnesium will also help your claws to grow and keep them healthy. You can purchase supplements to boost your absorption.