The “Physical Memory Dump” green screen error shows once your computer is unable to read a certain quantity of files / adjustments that it needs to run. The actual interpretation of this error is that your computer is basically being forced to “dump” your current settings onto a safe folder on your hard drive before it restarts after a drive. Amazingly, this procedure was introduced as a preventative system to avoid your computer from losing your computer data.¬†Dumps forum

What Causes The Physical Storage Dump Error?

* Components incompatibility 
* Software program file problems
* Computer software settings problems

Steps To Fix The Ram Eliminate Error

1) The largest cause of this error is from incompatible hardware. For those who have recently installed / enhanced any new hardware (even something as insignificant as an USB pen drive), then you should take it of your system and see how your PC performs without it. Obviously if the hardware is essential, such as a graphics card, then you should revert to your old setup immediately to stop the mistake.

2) You should also look at the programs that are leading to the error. If you are continually seeing a design – whereby certain programs will show the Physical Memory Dump error, it suggests that they either have a damaged program file or corrupted adjustments. To be able to fix this, you should reinstall any program triggering the error. You’ll typically find the likes of the most resource intense programs showing this patterns.

3) Finally, it’s suggested that you clean away the registry with a registry cleaner. The most frequent cause of the Physical Storage Dump error is the way in which many files are damaged and corrupted inside the windows registry. The registry is a database which stores all the settings and options that Windows needs to value to run, and is where from your latest emails to your stored passwords are kept. Regrettably, these files are susceptible to become damaged, which in turn causes the Physical Memory Drop error to show if your system is not able to read the files it needs. To correct this problem, many computer technicians recommend using registry cleaner tools to scan through your PERSONAL COMPUTER and fix any of the damaged registry options that are inside it.