Reflowing a motherboard is the heating up a nick on the motherboard, or the complete board itself, to a temperature that makes the solder to make softer and reconnect cracked solder points. Of course it can be difficult to know exactly how hot a motherboard or computer chip needs to become in order to melt solder while leaving the components unharmed. The GPU is the most more likely to are unsuccessful on most high end devices such as notebooks or gaming consoles. The most common difficulties with broken GPUs are no video, distorted video, or failure to turn on and post. Reflowing a GPU appropriately will fix any of the recently mentioned difficulties with a laptop or gaming system. Get Grammarly Premium Free 2017

First thing you need to do is be sure to have the correct materials. You’ll desire a heat firearm that is capable of putting out at least 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You can buy these temperature guns at most local hardware stores and they are usually about forty dollars. Next you’ll need solder, thicker rosin primary solder works the best, and a penny. 

Right now that we have our materials, you will need to locate the GRAPHICS that needs to be reflowed. Yourself the computer chip that needs to be reflowed take note of any large capacitors around it and be sure to no longer hit these directly with the heat gun while your reflowing the computer chip, excess heat can cause some capacitors to burst. If you realise the capacitors are near the GPU and your concerned about hitting them with the heat marker accidentally you can use aluminum foil to cover the capacitors. Place the penny on top of the chip with a tiny item of solder on top of the penny. The moment the solder melts you will be aware that the chip is heated to a good temperature. Now set your heat gun to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and commence to heat the chip by holding the heat firearm three to four inches above the chip and rotate the heat gun in spherical movements. When the computer chip gets hot enough likely to notice the solder on the penny becomes water. Possibly the solder convert to liquid the nick should be hot enough and you will take away the heat marker and allow the computer chip to cool down. In the event the chip is cool enough go ahead and start putting your digital back together. Test and decide if everything is working normally, if you reflowed the board appropriately any issues you had that were being caused by your GPU should be fixed.