Valentines day is known to be the day of devotion. On this day, fans and friends express their feeling with different forms of gifts. Probably the most popular gifts given on Valentines day Day is flowers. In Valentine’s Day, the sales of flowers are at their peak. If you also want to give your friend or significant other flowers for Valentines day Day, following are a few ideas for you. common flowers in singapore


Their lovely scent and beauty make carnations the most popular among valentine’s flowers. The red rose is the image of love and a bouquet of red carnations is a best surprise for Valentine’s Day. Also you can give roses of other colors such as lilac, white or yellow with this day. You can also add pink roses to your bouquet of red roses to incorporate their symbolization of “perfect happiness”. 


Among valentine’s flowers, the popularity of lilies sometimes rival that of carnations. This popularity is credited to their scent and beauty. Lilies are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose colour in line with the preference of your good friend or significant other or in line with the meaning attached to it as different colors of lilies have different meanings. You can search for the exact meaning of various colors on the internet.


Another rose commonly given on Valentines day Day is Orchid. Their very own condition and color make them very popular. In addition, providing them with as a surprise shows that provider put some thought into the gift. Orchids are also found in several styles and sizes. So like the lilies, you can choose them according to your significant other’s color preferences.

Tulip glasses

Tulip glasses are also very well-liked by Valentine’s flowers. They stand for the “perfect lover”. That gets in red, violet, pink and yellow, which are all appropriate colors for this day. Purple tulips can be given as an option to red roses to declare one’s love. You can incorporate different colors of tulips for a bouquet based on the recipient’s favorite color.


Symbolizing loyal love, daisies are sure to bring a smile on the recipient’s face. This rose is a member of the sunshine as well as is available in white, pink, yellowish, purple and pale green.


If you are short of cash on Valentine’s Day or the recipient is a simple one who does not like extravagant things, then violets may be the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Working day. These delicate flowers with a fragile scent represent affection and faithfulness.


Carnations are also quite inexpensive and are a choice if you do not are able to afford to spend on the more expensive flowers. Moreover, these beautiful flowers have a sensitive fragrance and last for a long time. Likewise, different colors of mine convey different messages so if you need to express a particular feeling take action with the appropriate color of carnation.