The net has always enjoyed an instant and exciting tempo of innovation. Web design is constantly changing too – it’s easy to see this in any digital agency within Bristol. In this article Now i’m going to look into some of the current web design trends for business. spotifyweb

1. Mobile Net

Because sales of smartphones and tablet devices accelerates and overtakes the humble personal computer, it’s going to become more and more very important to companies to have websites that are optimised for mobile. Frameworks such as jQuery mobile will help give an app-like experience to mobile websites. 

2. HTML5 + CSS3

The latest and greatest editions of HTML and CSS will make it that bit easier for designers to incorporate such niceties as rounded corners, drop dark areas and smooth gradients, while increasing the speed of websites. The newest browsers such as Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 will help these technologies to spread faster.

3. Cellular E-Commerce

The ubiquity of internet-enabled mobile devices will see a growing number of transactions taking place away from the desktop. This will permit more service businesses to take good thing about e-commerce at the point of sales.

4. Animation without Adobe flash

Apple’s iPhone and ipad device devices have been massively successful – nonetheless they no longer support Flash. Designers, always keen to create fascinating and interactive digital experience, came up with some crafty methods of including cartoon without needing Flash, including the jQuery Spritely plugin.

5. Social E-Commerce

Digital music service Spotify has bundled social networking to their music player, with the capability to share and recommend tracks between friends. Shortly this type of operation is inevitably going to make it to web commerce stores – have real profit talk about your favourite products amidst friends.

6. Typography

Internet site design used to restricted with a very limited range of fonts. Thankfully this has now been solved with more exciting web site thanks to Cufon and sIFR implementations, although these still cause some convenience, usability and potentially legal concerns. Look out for Google Web Fonts which avoid these concerns – expect to see them just about everywhere in the near future.

several. Simple Yet Bold Design and style

The trend for breathtaking, hi-resolution photographic backgrounds, simple colour schemes, and large bold logos and typography seem to be going continue for the near future.

almost eight. Data-Driven Personalisation

The recent launch in the UK of the police. uk website caused a mass media frenzy – not least because the amount of traffic overloaded the servers. Every sorts of public data and statistics are available through this and other sites such as data. gov. uk, and this should permit greater media of web content across all sorts of areas such as public services, health, transport and more.

9. The Death of the Mouse

A side-effect of the increase in mobile devices is usually that the mouse button is finally going to lose its position as the most popular insight device. Rollovers and dropdowns will decrease in reputation, or at least will have to become a non-essential ingredient in the user interface for tourists browsing on touch-based devices.

10. Fluid Designs

Smooth layouts that adjust to the screen have gone down out of favour over recent years, but with smartphones and tablets, designers now have to provide to a plethora of different screen sizes and proportions. One solution to this is a liquid layout that can seemlessly adapt to any display. This can be difficult to execute – but expect creative designers to increase to the concern!

I hope you’ve liked my thoughts on current trends in business web design.