When you begin off in a romantic relationship, the future looks positive and you simply envision a life span of eternal bliss and contentment with the person you love. The very concept of relationship problems might seem to be alien to you and you assume that you have found the perfect partner. However, eventually, the reality of relationship problems commences to hit you. You quarrel for small things and things that would have been easy to handle earlier, now become a major annoyance. Clearly, your relationship has hit troubled waters. comment arrêter d’amour mal en amour ?

Most relationships do have problems, and these problems usually can be dealt with. Nevertheless , there are times when your actions can break your fragile marriage and can lead to the bond being damaged, at times even further than reconciliation. If you are doing any of the following things, you need to stop right now if you wish to fix your relationship. 

Playing The Pin the consequence on Game

There are times we spend so much time pointing fingers at our partner’s mistakes that we stop to look into our own contribution to the problem. When your relationship is within trouble, take ownership of your personal mistakes and work towards setting things right before you point at your partner’s failings. Fault-finding and blaming your partner is only going to make your relationship problems worse, even if there is quite a lot that your partner needs to work on. Should you really need to address concerns concerning your partners behaviour or activities, wait for the right time is to do so without blaming him/ her for your relationship problems.

Getting Dubious

Suspicion is a major relationship breaker. If you have the habit of regularly checking your lover’s sms, e-mails and letters, of computer you constantly believe him/ her of being unfaithful for you, then your relationship problems are certain to go from bad to worse. Most suspicions are unfounded and if you spend a while thinking about the root of these, you will notice that they actually lie in your own insecurity. Consequently, address your own issues before allowing your accusations to ruin your marriage. If there is a valid reason behind your hunch, then address the subject calmly and keep from constantly bringing it up if this has been proven to be baseless.

Throwing Tantrums

No-one likes to be in a relationship with a person who tosses either temper tantrums or emotional tantrums at the slightest provocation. If you have a problem in enabling your temper or your thoughts under control, work on this as it can really ruin your relationship if left uncontrolled. An outburst could be the last stray for an already troubled marriage, and you definitely do not need to let things get to that stage.

Gossiping About The Relationship Problems

While you might want to unburden yourself to your friends, gossiping about your romance problems is one of the worst things that you can do if your relationship is already in trouble. Things that you tell mutual friends might be passed around in a totally different light and could reach the ears of your partner as something absolutely contrary to what you really said, and which you will never be able to guard anyway. This could break your relationship irrevocably. Work on settling your relationship problems in a mature way. If you need to talk to anyone about this, seek out the advice of the relationship counsellor.

Start To Track

You know that you relationship is trouble and you then get started to wonder whether your partner is far away toward you because this individual or she is looking at someone else. Suspicion leads on to paranoia, therefore you get started to stalk your lover. This can take many forms – keeping a program where he or the girl is going, checking on correspondence, and even monitoring phone calls. This is an enormous relationship breaker and should be ignored. Provide your partner some space. Stalking is not the sign of a healthy relationship and can business lead to major complications.