Lieu collecting is fascinating, and collecting American coins is a fairly easy and entertaining hobby if you stay in america. There are some really interesting coins of all denominations. american coins


The Lincoln brain penny is probably the most collected American gold coin. They’ve been minted since 1909. During WWII some Lincoln head pennies were made out of zinc rather than copper. A really few were made of real estate agent in 1943, and they are rare and valuable American coins. 

Before the Lincoln subsequently penny was minted, nickels recently had an Native american indian head on them. Native american head pennies are another rare American coin.


Nickels had a picture of the goddess Freedom to them, from 1883 to 1913. An extremely uncommon American coin, interestingly, is the 1913 liberty dime. A mint employee made them illegally after several hours and only five replications were made.

The most classic American coin is the buffalo nickel. That has a buffalo using one side and an American indian head on the other.

The nickel has experienced President Jefferson’s portrait on it, since 1938. The mint started a “Westward Journey” series of nickels to commemorate Lewis and Clark’s journey in 2005. So the Westward Trip nickels are destined to be collectible coins as they’ve tweaked Jefferson’s family portrait and the coins have different historical themes on the reverse side.


Dimes are probably the most boring American lieu. The design of deliberar hasn’t changed since 1945, the year after Director Franklin Delano Roosevelt perished. He suffered from polio and supported the Mar of Dimes. The Drive of Dimes helps individuals with birth defects now, but in Roosevelt’s time it also helped children who had polio. Franklin’s family portrait has remained on our dimes since his fatality to memorialize his support of the March of Dimes. Dimes are an unteresting coin, but that is a great American coin story.


The quarter, our favorite American coin, had the Figurine of Liberty on it until 1930. George California replaced her. The mint has been releasing the very collectible US Point out quarters, a north american coin series that will be designed in 08, since 1999.

Half Us dollars and Dollars

Half us dollars used to be common, and until 1964 they had Ben Franklin using one side and the Freedom Bell on the other. In 1964, President Kennedy’s portrait went on the half dollar. People hoarded them and they became a treasured American gold coin, both because Kennedy was beloved, and because the 1964 silver dollar was to be the previous “real” silver dollar. Since so many people accumulated the 1964 Kennedy half-dollars, the mint released more of them than any other half dollar. Our elected representatives even froze the particular date, and 1964 half us dollars were minted more than 40 years ago, too.

Silver dollars are unusual now, but the Ann B. Anthony silver money is an interesting American coin. Minted from 1979-1981, it’s the only American or maybe with a woman’s face upon it.