Based on the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Elimination (CDC), more than 18, 000 cases of Lyme disease occur each 12 months in the us. Although most frequent in the Northeast, The middle of Atlantic, and North Central areas of the country, all states have reported instances. The majority of Lyme cases reported in the Southeast were acquired while visiting other regions of the. Treatment with traditional antibiotics is not always effective, particularly with those who have been undiagnosed for long periods of time. Generally there are alternative treatments available that are not destroying to the body, and actually eradicate the spirochete and restore and repair the body’s organs, glands, and tissue after the illness is cleared.

Lyme disease was first determined in 1975 in the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme, Connecticut. The spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi, a bacterium considered to cause Lyme disease, is sent via tick bites. Though deer ticks have recently been reported to be the key carriers, it should be known that any tick can hold the disease. A ‘bull’s eye’ break outs often appears a little while after the bite, but not always. Standard serology screening procedures for Lyme include the Western Blot and ELISA that test for antibodies within the blood vessels. Whole or partial clicks may be tested as well, so it’s important to save the tick when possible.

Traditional antibiotics include Doxycyline for adults, Amoxicillin for children, and Erythromycin for pregnant women. One of many issues with antibiotic treatment is they weaken the immune system by getting rid of off all the beneficial bacteria in the tum, creating damage to the lining of the digestive tract. Another issue is that the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacterias itself does not react well to antibiotic treatment because of ability to change very quickly into 3 distinct forms: Spirochete, Cellular Wall Deficient (CWD), and Cyst in an make an effort to adapt and make it through when up against a menace to its existence. Every form causes specific destruction to the soft cells, joints and immunity process. Antiseptic treatment is nearly worthless when the bacterium is in the Cyst or CWD form and often causes more damage to the body’s immune function with no real benefits. Traditional treatments often drive the particular mobile and lively spirochetes deeper into the soft tissue of the body temporarily, just for them to emerge at a later date when the danger has passed. Spirochetes and CWD’s cause tremendous problems for the eyes, heart, brain, joints, nerves and overall immune function, often resulting in debilitating auto-immune symptoms.

It is crucial to note that not everyone who may be bitten with a Lyme infected tick will actually develop the disease. Those who are run down or nutritional deficient, or have used a lot of medication, acid reducers, and other drugs do not have immune systems that can fight the problem. Another reason to eat nutritionally heavy foods and avoid pharmaceutic drugs!!

There are substitute therapies that contain proven to be very promising. Flower source Betaine HCL (trimethylglycine form) has been used to treat malaria, herpes simplex virus, cancer, cysts and bone spurs, as well as to slow the increasing age process by restoring cellular methylation at the GENETICS level. Therapeutic doses of HCL are being used for a period of 21 to 30 days to effectively strip the spirochete of its protective membrane and dissolve cysts and cellular wall deficient varieties of the bacterium, leading to their complete systemic demise.

Restorative doses of Betaine HCL are generally ‘high’; up to 35 grams (75 capsules) daily. However, the normal amount of HCL the stomach of your healthy one humdred and fifty pound person should produce on its own is 30 grams per meals (equal to about 62 capsules). As a contemporary society, we could severely HCL bad, which brings about digestive problems, chronic pain, low defenses, infections, nutrient deficiencies, dangerous liver, Alzheimer’s, cancer, brittle bones, and many other serious and debilitating illnesses.

A time frame must be considered before you start the HCL remedy to get ready the body for detoxification. The pH must be between 6. 4 and 7. 0, and the gastrointestinal system, kidneys and liver must be working efficiently. Ingesting lots of nutrient dense foods, being hydrated with pure normal water (1/2 unwanted weight in oz . per day), and the elimination of sugar, wheat or grain, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine are important to achieve your goals of any detox program.

Cation mud packs can be used prior to beginning the protocol to clear any IF’s (Interference Fields) that are sedating the stomach. Common IF’s that sedate stomach function include: trauma to head/forehead, clavicle, C-section, body piercings, or any other scar tissue or trauma on the mid-line of the body. The bite area is often treated with soil packs as well.

When the 21 – 40 days is completed, the time and effort to repair damage to the soft tissues, articulations, and kidneys begins. This kind of process may take many months depending how long the Lyme illness has recently been present. When the process is done properly, full remission from Lyme disease is the effect. Patients record that memory and brain function returns to normal, pain and fatigue vanishes, eye pain and light-weight sensitivity clears, and nerve fibres heal. Co-infections are also removed and the body is restored to normal function.

Specific testing is done at each body organ site to determine the exact amount of HCL and other support nutrition that are needed for every single person to successfully complete all phases of the program. Finding the exact therapeutic dose is very important, with no step of the process should be overlooked.

This alternative remedy is not only effective, it is actually healthy and nourishing to the complete body. Although clearing the micro-organism in its forms is important, it’s the effort to repair the severe harm that they cause to the soft tissue that is key to completely restoring health

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Kathy is a panel certified and qualified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. She managed to graduate with honors from California College of Integrative Treatments.