“Master Moy, thank you for taking the time in this talk. ”

“There is not a such thing as time. There is merely a series of present moments. ”

“Then thanks to this series of present moments. ” Is God Real

“You are welcome. ”

“My viewers have asked whether Yoga features God? ” 

“Zen is not an idea system; this can be a reality system. All beliefs are mental so have not do with reality. You either know something is or else you don’t. To believe is to guess, and life is not really a guessing game; it’s a knowing game, a reality game. inches

“So is God real? ”

“Whether God is real is determined by your interpretation of God. ”

“Okay, let’s keep it simple and define God as, for example, the inventor of the universe. inches

“Does that mean one creator? ”

“Yes. A single creator of the world. One supreme, prime valerse. inches

“Then can we term the particular one creator, that one-self, the God-Self? inches

“Yes, we can call it the God-Self. inch

“And is It the sole Self there is? ”

“Yes. The only Self there is. inches

“And what attributes has this God-Self? ”

“Well, it has every positive attribute there is in existence. ”

“For example? ”

“It has assets life and consciousness. Really all knowing, all present, all powerful. The God-Self is pure spirit that fills all time and space throughout infinity. Is actually all there ever is, ever was, and at any time will be. ”

“And would it be all blissful as well? ”

“No, because bliss is a man emotion, could it be not? inches

“False bliss is a human, personal emotion; true or real bliss is not. False bliss is nothing but a succinct, pithy, non permanent pleasure that comes and goes with the wind. Real bliss or love is inherent in the God-Self and not at all contingent after externals. ”

“If the God-Self has all these attributes including infinite enjoyment, then for what goal did It need or want to create people or everything else? ”

“Simple. Because It planned to share Itself. ”

“Please make clear. ”

“Listen. The God-Self is an impersonal heart or spiritual being. A spiritual being can be and is all things as you can see – but in revenge of Its absolute self-sufficiency, It can’t express whatever – because, according to A unique law, expression requires a medium through which to express. It needs people through whom to express its selfless Home, personally. inches

“So which the purpose that mankind was created and changes? ”

“Yes. The heart of the God-Self included itself into humanity for the sole purpose of expressing Itself, for again, without a medium or channel of expression, there can be existence but no expression. We can be found with regards to expressing the God-Self’s Impersonal Self from a personal perspective. ”

“Another Zen paradox. ”

“Or reality paradox. We are the personal expressions of impersonal life, consciousness and bliss. We are the personal expression of It is impersonal advantages of assets love, wisdom and creative power. As the God-Self is wholly impersonal, our expression of It must be wholly impersonal as well. ‘Wholly, ‘ means that there is no time, place or situation that you are not impersonally or selflessly conveying It. The problem is you are just notconscious of it. Get it? “